936 Temperature Control Soldering Station

936 ESD tempreture control soldering station imported A1321 ceramic heating element and senor insures rapid heat-up temperature and lightning-fast thermal recovery. wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole connections. slender iron handles are insulated and ergonomic-designed for ease and comfort.


Power supplyAC220V 50HZ/AC110V 60HZ
Output voltageAC24V
Temperature Range200~480°C
Unlade Power≤5W
Max. Power60W
Temperature stability(un load)±2°C
Tin to Ground Resistance<2Ω
Tin to Ground Potential<2mV
Temperature CalibrationPotentiometer
Soldering iron907
Heating Element1323
Length of soldering iron cord1.3m
Fit Tip900M / 900L
Iron Stand506


Adjust the temperature revolvingly. Convenient, Quick.

Detachable type by design,easy to place and replace, more choice of soldering tips.

Light handle,no feeling of fatigue in long period of operation.

“200-480°C temperature range, the temperature stability is linear with the range of ±2°C.

Improve productivity and save cost.